Biography - Tristan Hunt

In line with this knowledge sharing and educational work I have spoken at international conferences including the International Music Summit (Spain), BPM Pro (UK), Brighton Music Conference (UK) and XpoNorth (Scotland).


As part of my wider work to support the music industry I sit on several boards as a volunteer. These include Help Musician’s UK Creative Advisory Board, Last Night A DJ Saved My Life and the Brighton Music Conference. I formally served a term and half on the Executive Board of the Association For Electronic Music (AFEM), the global not-for-profit trade body that represents the interests of electronic music worldwide, before joining it as a member of staff. Here I still co-chair a workgroup close to my heart; ‘Protect Mental and Physical Health for Fans and Professionals’.


As well as having a present that is firmly rooted in music, my past encompasses work in events management for a range of charities and festivals. These include the likes of Fuzzy's Parklife and Field Day in Sydney Australia, to events in the UK with Queen Elizabeth II as the guest of honor, plus political and celebrity events for the INGO ActionAid. In this sphere, I'm probably most proud of my contribution as part of the team behind 'Vitality', a start-up charity which helped spinally injured people and their carers in the global south.


When not doing other things I enjoy political and philosophical banter, culinary attempts in the kitchen, blending tunes on Mixcloud and occasional DJ sets at parties. 


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