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Transformational Coach

About Tristan

Hello! I'm Tristan 

If you have ADHD and work in the music industry, I've got your back. I'm a certified Transformational Coach with specialist ADHD training and over 20 years of music business experience.

I have ADHD, so I 'get' your struggles from working in the music industry with the condition - both pre and post-ADHD diagnosis. But I also know that with the right help you can manage your ADHD, unleash your brain's talents and start thriving. 

If you're ready to turn your ADHD struggles around and have success in your music industry career and personal life, I'm here to help you.

Transformational Coach
Transformational Coach

Why work together?

1. I didn't know I had ADHD for most of my career. I only get a diagnosis later in life (I also have dyslexia and dyscalculia). So I know first-hand the frustrations and challenges of having the condition both pre and post-diagnosis. 

2. Much of my career was spent at a global music industry trade association where I campaigned on mental health and championed neurodiversity. 

3. Your ADHD can be such a gift - let me help you unwrap it. 

About You + Me

Who I Work With

My clients span the world, across every sector of the music industry and people at every level - both pre and post-ADHD diagnoses.

From multi-platinumGRAMMY-nominated and BRIT/MOBO/Ivor Novello Award-winning artists to emerging talent, students, interns, and CSuite level music execs to the biggest brands in music.

I'm based in London's historic music quarter near The Beatles iconic Abbey Road Studios and the BBC's legendary Maida Vale Studios, but I coach online wherever you are.  

What I Offer You

Managing ADHD is a process, not a one time fix. I'll be your confidential, trusted, expert-ally, by your side to get you on track and keep you there! Offering you the secrets of over two decades of music industry experience and deep mental health know-how combined with ADHD-specific coaching so you can start thriving personally and professionally!

Transformational Coach
Transformational Coach

How I Work 

I coach artists and music business professionals on adult ADHD 1-2-1 via Zoom and phone. Work typically starts with eight coaching sessions, one held per week or every fortnight.

By helping you first to understand your ADHD, you will feel empowered to manage your ADHD in the context of your music industry job with a greater sense of calm, confidence, self-control and balance. 

I take an action-orientated and measurable approach to ADHD coaching. You’ll often start doing things and making changes from our first session together. The coaching process requires your engagement and total commitment both in the sessions and between them if you are to get the best results. 

Doctors, Therapists, Addiction

There are times when clinical experience is needed to support the coaching process. That's why I work with a range of highly experienced ADHD doctors, therapists, and addiction specialists:

Doctors - ADHD specialists who can accurately diagnose the condition and, where appropriate/if desired, prescribe ADHD medication.

Therapists - who are clinically trained to go deep to help clients resolve complex traumas and safely guide them to greater understanding and healthier ways of thinking.  

Addiction specialists - who enable clients to identify self-medicating practices and help them navigate through their addictions. 

Transformational Coach
Ditto Management log

"I cannot speak highly enough of Tristan. I've worked with him on my roster for the last year or so and he has helped them all so much [...] He has helped me greatly as well and for that, I can't recommend him enough."


Matt Dodds,

Head of Ditto Management Ltd.

Qualifications & Experience



Guest Lecturer - ADHD Foundation, ADHD Professional Coaching Diploma


Diploma - Certified Transformational Coach - Animas / ICF Accredited

ADD Coaching Academy training - ADDCA


M.A, - History of Ideas - Birkbeck, University of London


BSc, - Sociology - University of Southampton


Certificate - Counselling Skills - Kingston College


Mental Health First -Aider - MHFA England

MUSIC BUSINESS - past & present

Coach - Sony Music UK Coaching Pool

Mentor - The Ivors Academy & Help Musicians Mentoring Bank Programme


Visiting Speaker - Berklee College of Music

Executive Board Member - Association For Electronic Music (AFEM)


Creative Advisory Board Member - Help Musicians UK


Member - UK LIVE Music Group 


Founder & Co-chair - AFEM Health Working group


Advisor - Brighton Music Conference

SPEAKING OUT - conferences & media

I've been a featured speaker on mental health in the music business at over twenty music industry conferences worldwide. I've given comment on the topic to scores of publications, from ADDitude Magazine - the leading ADHD periodical - to Billboard Magazine, DJ Mag and the BBC.

"Tristan has this amazing ability to ask the exact right questions to allow you to get to the core beliefs that underpin your behaviours, emotions or blockages. Supportive and empathetic but not afraid to challenge you" 


Thilini Jayawickrama,

Events & Comms Manager, Association For Electronic Music

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Results My Clients Have Had


Gaining strategies for improving attention and focus


Being more productive and finishing more of what they start


Understanding how ADHD actually works and so making the most of their gifted mind


Conquering ADHD-driven anxiety and emotional overwhelm 


Getting 'off' the ADHD emotional roller-coaster


Managing time better


Pushing past 'imposter syndrome'


Improved planning, prioritisation and organisation


Understanding how their ADHD works in relation to other neurodiverse comorbidities 


Breaking into the music industry and building a successful career 


Growth from Director level to more senior roles


Managing ADHD-driven overwhelm and exhaustion from touring internationally

Accreditations and Memberships 

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Don't let your ADHD cause you pain or limit your success in the music industry. Let's work together to help you master your ADHD and your music industry career so you can thrive! I’ll help you step off the emotional ADHD roller coaster so you can enjoy a calmer, happier, and more balanced life

Let me show you how.

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