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Rave Reviews

I've been lucky to work with some remarkable people, and I'm proud to have their recommendations. Reviews are from both ADHD and Neurotypical clients. Each quote links back to either the person's LinkedIn, Instagram or website. I'm also honoured to share over twenty 5-star reviews on Google.


Tristan’s coaching and strategies have been instrumental in transforming not just how I manage my ADHD, but how I view myself and the world around me.

His impact goes beyond just strategies. He has been a constant source of support, even on the toughest days when tears seemed endless. His positivity, encouragement, and ability to make me smile, even in challenging moments, have been invaluable. Tristan reminded me to love life again and see the beauty in each day.

Thanks to Tristan, I am now not only more comfortable with who I am but also excited about the journey ahead. I genuinely feel like I’m growing into the person I am meant to be, and that’s a profound transformation I attribute to his coaching and unwavering support.

In closing, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart Tristan. Your dedication t
o helping me navigate the complexities of ADHD has been life-changing, and I am profoundly grateful for your presence in my life and highly recommend you as a coach!

Catherine Millan,

Founder & Company Director

Tristan is a brilliant coach. For years, I didn't understand a lot of my behaviour patterns, which would create frustration. I also had little to no knowledge of ADHD, and neither did the people around me.


Working with Tristan gave me clarity on the above and more.  I have learned so much about ADHD and myself which has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. I would absolutely recommend Tristan's services. Thanks Tristan!


Owen Jones

DJ & Producer 


"Tristan is such a warm, kind and informed and professional ADHD coach. When i started working with Tristan I had an ADHD diagnosis but was lost in a myriad of conflicting information about what that meant. As a long time sober women, it was imperative for me to get support that helped me not only accept and develop a tool box, but understand the chemical / science/ brain component and make informed choices which would help me flourish as a professional creative, a mother and in my relationships.


Tristan has exceeded every expectation and I am stoked to not only have support creatively at work but also personally so I am no longer living in a shame loop. ADHD coaching with Tristan has changed my life dramatically, the way i structure my days and live my life to the fullest with all the quirks having ADHD brings, I can’t thank him enough for his compassion, competence and integrity. merci Tristan !"

Rose Romain,

Voice Actor and Mental Health Coach

"I came to Tristan at rock bottom. I didn’t see a way forward with my ADHD, but after speaking with him, I felt heard and comfortable, which is a big deal for me. Tristan managed to help me communicate my ADHD challenges better and, even when I thought I didn’t make sense, he understood me.


I used to feel a little useless at times, like no one would ever understand me, but that has surely been overcome with positive thoughts and strategies, such as being taught to understand what ADHD is and why we are classed as neurodivergent. I even learned how to prevent impulse - I’m still working on it every day in fact, 24/7 literally, but sometimes I can rethink a situation and do the right thing for me. Tristan changed my life for the better and helped my record labels understand me for the better too."



DJ & Producer / Toolroom / 3beat


"Tristan helped me to weigh up my options and clear the clutter, what I found most useful was his ability to help me to get to the core of my being. Tristan gave me the clarity, confidence and tools to move on when I felt 'stuck' with my work. I highly recommend Tristan."

Kofi Debrah,

Co-founder and Director of Asa Baako music festival

"I turned to Tristan when I was struggling with a career change decision. He was supportive and encouraging, which really helped me overcome my insecurities. Tristan guided me on how to organize and structure my thoughts, prioritise my career goals and create a plan to achieve them.


Thanks to him, I was able to see the big picture and determine what my next steps should be. He's empathetic and understanding while being constructively challenging when necessary. I found his advice extremely helpful. I really recommend him!"


Claudia García de Olano,

Strategy Manager, Royalty Management Services, Utopia Music

Miles Shackleton.jpeg

"Tristan is simply the best networker I know. He’s supremely well connected across electronic music and universally admired for his knowledge and his efforts to advance our industry. Tristan is a great person to learn from about the art of networking, expanding your contact book & much more."


Miles Shackleton,

Co-Founder, Director at Toolroom Academy. Marketing Dir. Toolroom

"Tristan supported me in building a network of recruiters and then in going through the negotiation process that created the right conditions for me to remain as an analyst at Goldman Sachs.

He enables you to understand your priorities and transform them into actionable steps. In a kind caring way, Tristan showed me what it means to overcome some of the numerous limiting self-beliefs we often have".

Annalisa Schiavon,

Commodities Research Analyst, Goldman Sachs


"I cannot commend Tristan's ADHD coaching enough!

With his help, I have achieved levels of balance, calm and positivity that I previously couldn't have imagined. Tristan is approachable, friendly, and encouraging, but never afraid to challenge me when I need it." 


Jeryl Wilton-Kruger,

Founding Director, Infectious PR & Remedy Label Services

"Throughout my music industry career Tristan has shown me huge amounts of support and always given me very useful advice and guidance along the way, introducing me to key people and supporting my productions. He's always positive, encouraging, and his knowledge and experience in the industry is valued by many."

Maxinne Garman

DJ & Producer / Toolroom / Sony

chris k.jpeg

"In each session, Tristan helped me to break down the weekly challenges I was facing into smaller actionable steps to overcome. We would troubleshoot, rationalize and tackle these challenges and create action plans to face them. Oftentimes, he would also help me to identify my own competitive advantages that I failed to see in myself.


In the year that I have been working with Tristan, my confidence in entering the entertainment industry has certainly increased and I am definitely more equipped to navigate it because of the sessions we have."


Chris Kireopoulos,

Berklee College of Music, Valencia / Super Fly | Flymachine, LA

"Working with Tristan has been such a positive light in my life! Before he began mentoring me I was in a place of uncertainty as I was unsure which direction I wanted to take my music career in. My greatest challenge at the time was dealing with the anxiety this caused and my general lack of confidence.

I’m pleased to say that the difference I see in myself from then to now is remarkable and Tristan’s patient guidance has definitely been a huge factor in making that happen. [...] If you’re thinking of working with Tristan I’d highly recommend it!"

Nova May,

Singer-Songwriter / Ivors Academy & Help Musicians UK Mentoring Bank Programme

Emma Jackson, Breath work Facilitator

"The coaching sessions really helped me to understand myself and ADHD better. Tristan was extremely knowledgeable and insightful. All the strategies really helped me develop my thinking, resilience and ability to take steps forward. Thank you Tristan!

Emma Jackson,

Breathwork Facilitator

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