"Tristan is simply the best networker I know. He’s supremely well connected across electronic music and universally admired for his knowledge and his efforts to advance our industry. Tristan is a great person to learn from about the art of networking, expanding your contact book & much more."

- Miles Shackleton (he/him), Brand Director, Toolroom Records

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"I cannot commend Tristan's coaching enough. Through our confidential sessions, I first became aware of my undiagnosed ADHD which was having a huge negative effect on my life, career and ability to lead my team. I have since been diagnosed and continue to work with Tristan on the challenges that ADHD presents. With his help, I have achieved levels of balance, calm and positivity that I previously couldn't have imagined. Tristan is approachable, friendly and encouraging, but never afraid to challenge me when I need it. If you have ADHD, think you might have ADHD, or are just feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and exhausted (and let's face it, who in the music industry isn't?) then I would highly recommend reaching out to Tristan to discuss your challenges."

- Jeryl Wilton-Kruger (he/him), Founding Director, Infectious PR & Remedy Label Services

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"Throughout my music industry career Tristan has shown me huge amounts of support and always given me very useful advice and guidance along the way, introducing me to key people and supporting my productions. He's always positive, encouraging, and his knowledge and experience in the industry is valued by many."

- Maxinne Garman (she/her) / DJ & Producer / Toolroom / Sony

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"I have been working with Tristan for about a year now and can honestly say that working with him has truly helped my career trajectory and focus in the entertainment industry. I started working with him as I entered grad school. Having no experience in entertainment and thrown into such a competitive environment, our sessions helped me to navigate the challenges I was faced with, overcome obstacles and stay focused in achieving my goals.

In each session, Tristan helped me to break down the weekly challenges I was facing into smaller actionable steps to overcome. We would troubleshoot, rationalize and tackle these challenges and create action plans to face them. Oftentimes, he would also help me to identify my own competitive advantages that I failed to see in myself.

In the year that I have been working with Tristan, my confidence in entering the entertainment industry has certainly increased and I am definitely more equipped to navigate it because of the sessions we have."

- Chris Kireopoulos (he/him) / Master's Student / Berklee College of Music, Valencia


"Tristan has been an amazing mentor to me and is someone I will also look up to in the scene. He has always shown me a huge amount of support throughout my career and has consistently gone out of his way to introduce me to other people in the industry to help me build my network".

- Holly Price (she/her) / DJ & Producer


"I was going through a bit of a low patch due to losing a lot of work due to Covid.  Also was struggling with imposter syndrome with a barbering course I started, amongst many other things. I found getting through that course challenging, especially as I was struggling with fatigue due to a health issue. 


Working with Tristan helped me manage my time better and get more done, as it's something I often struggle with working for myself and doing so many different things. I will continue to use all the amazing tools I've acquired going forward. I'm extremely grateful for all the encouragement and positive reflections and for having such an awesome person to check in with regularly. Tristan is an attentive and extremely professional coach that I'd highly recommend."

- T (they/them) / Artist & Producer


"I have found every bit of Tristan's advice over the years very useful, beneficial and

much appreciated."

- Matt Kirk (he/him) / DJ & Producer

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"Ever since I first met Tristan, he has been eager to help in any way he can. He has a passion for electronic music, which is coupled with a strong desire to care for the mental health of artists at all stages of their careers. Tristan is a tremendous networker, strategic planner and we are lucky that he is so keen to share his first hand experience and knowledge of a scene which he is at the forefront."

- JADE (she/her) / DJ & Producer


"Working with Tristan has been such a positive light in my life! Before he began mentoring me I was in a place of uncertainty as I was unsure which direction I wanted to take my music career in. My greatest challenge at the time was dealing with the anxiety this caused and my general lack of confidence. I’m pleased to say that the difference I see in myself from then to now is remarkable and Tristan’s patient guidance has definitely been a huge factor in making that happen.

Two words came to mind when thinking of our time working together - calming and insightful. I definitely grew a lot as a person throughout our sessions and learnt a lot about myself. Each mentoring session Tristan and I discussed what I’d been doing since we’d last spoken and how I was feeling in general. We worked through any challenges I had been facing and put in place some next steps to help overcome them. Additionally, I found Tristan to be very organised which I really appreciated. Since our work together ended Tristan has continued to support me in my career and I know I can always turn to him if I need help. He still always goes out of his way to help me to this day which is so kind.

The best result from working with Tristan was learning that I don’t need to put so much pressure on myself to achieve everything at the stage I’m at now. I have come away feeling a lot more positive about my future than I did before and I feel stronger as each day passes. I can do it!

I’d like to say a big thank you to Tristan for investing so much time in me and for being a friend as well as a mentor. I am glad to have worked with such a professional, understanding and driven person. He has inspired me to want to help someone in the same way when I am further along in my career. If you’re thinking of working with Tristan I’d highly recommend it!"


- Nova May (she/her) / Singer-Songwriter / Ivors Academy & Help Musicians UK Mentoring Bank Programme