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Launch of the Tim Bergling Foundation; in memory of Avicii and to support mental health

A couple of days back I was asked by BBC Radio 1 to give comment on behalf of the Association For Electronic Music on the launch of the Tim Bergling Foundation - established by Avicii's family to honour his memory and in support of mental health and suicide prevention among other issues. Selected quotes I gave are below and the article can be read in full on the BBC Radio 1 website here:

The BBC Radio 1 interview I gave is here (for 30 days):

"Avicii's legacy is 'transforming mental health in the music industry'"

"One of the main issues Avicii's death highlighted was the reluctance of men to talk about the subject of mental health," Tristan Hunt from the Association For Electronic Music tells BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat.

He's the co-chair of a group that's working to improve mental and physical health among fans and professionals in the dance music industry.

'Suicide cuts right across our society'

"His [Avicii's] suicide brought into sharp relief just how many men suffer from this, especially within our industry.

"It's not just electronic music. It cuts right across the industry, it cuts right across our society - but men do find it particularly hard to talk about."

Since Avicii's death, Tristan says the music industry has started to address the need for mental health provisions in the same way as it has been in schools and other businesses.

"Avicii's death sadly brought that into sharp relief but I think one of his greatest legacies will be that he's helped transform our industry in terms of giving mental health the importance it's always needed," he says.

"Now the focus has now been very much upon that to get it resolved."

The story made the front page of BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat and appeared at the top of Google search results (alongside another piece I contributed to for Billboard), facts which demonstrate the importance and interest mental health is now receiving in both the music industry and wider society.

Slowly the stigma is being deconstructed, day-by-day we are moving towards a world of greater acceptance, help and support for people at ever level who encounter mental health problems. But there's much yet to do.

My thanks to reporter Jimmy Blake at BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat for covering this most vital of topics and giving me the opportunity to contribute to this story.

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