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Tristan Hunt speaking on mental health at IMS 2019

Republished from: Ibiza Spotlight - Electronic music for the planet and mental health

"Addictions come in many shapes and forms, from behavioural addictions to social media - also the subject of the documentary Insta DJ - to chemical addictions and their role in mental health. Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix - the problem dates back to the last century. Possibly the most poignant interview came from Klas Bergling, father of the late Avicii who passed away in April 2018. In memory of his son, he is setting up the Tim Bergling Foundation to do preventive work for mental illness and suicide, as well as focusing on his son's passion for climate and environment. For Klas, the biggest issues that need to be addressed include lack of sleep, unrealistic travel expectations, loneliness and, in his words, "It's not many jobs that you're allowed to drink while you work" - but these are only part of the problem. Out of the ensuing debate, ideas for reform and possible solutions came flowing. For starters, Regional Manager of Association for Electronic Music (AFEM) Tristan Hunt will be releasing The Electronic Music Industry Guide to Mental Health in the weeks to come.

Tristan Hunt speaking on mental health in electronic music at IMS Ibiza 2019

With 22 speakers, the Mental Health Crisis Debate proved the heftiest of the day, touching on a very deserving topic. Amongst the most applauded were the ones from Madame Gandhi. She advocates sharing good habits on social media, practising the healthy behaviours - going to the gym, sleeping normally, finding the local green juice - when it's easy so that she misses them when she's on tour. Finally, we need more of that balance between masculine and feminine energies. Medical and health practitioners should also become part of the team with the promoters, managers and accountants, all of whom need to be educated. Whatever the current state of events, a shift is no doubt taking place in our culture and the issues are not exclusive to this industry." - Ibiza Spotlight

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