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International Music Summit Ibiza 2018 champions mental health and stopping sexual harassment

Pete Tong's IMS 2018 Keynote address

I returned last week from the International Music Summit (IMS) Ibiza tired but inspired. Always a special event, this year's was something else. From when this leading electronic music conference started with the Remedy State wellness retreat, to when it officially opened with Pete Tong's moving keynote address paying heartfelt respects to Avicii, there was a care and love at every level beyond that which I've seen at any other music conference.

The emphasis on mental health, wellbeing, equality and preventing sexual harassment set the tone and has clearly inspired the electronic music industry not to shy away, but instead to run towards its challenges and deal with them head-on with love, care, understanding and compassion.

DJ and Producer Tom Middleton shared fascinating sights on his new Sleep Better album as part of his talk on the interdependence of getting quality sleep and maintaining good mental health. He also gave free, practical advice on how to get a good nights rest and so help towards a balanced mind in the morning.

For a full round up of all the great panels and work that went on at IMS 2018 visit:

It's a true privilege to work in such a forward-thinking industry with such positive people.

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