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  • Ellise Shafer

'People Are Forever Chasing An Idea of Success': 10 Things We Learned at Paris Electronic We

"One dialogue that stood out from the rest was “Focus on The Mental Health of Artists,” presented by the Association For Electronic Music. After the tragic death of EDM powerhouse Avicii in April of last year, the electronic and dance music community as a whole has started to reevaluate the ways in which mental health is duscissed as well as treated within the community. Including this discourse at an event like Paris Electronic Week, where professionals are able to directly connect with artists and fans, is certainly a testament to that effort. Moderated by AFEM regional manager Tristan Hunt, the panel featured DJ and producer Louisahhh, music industry life coach Ariane Paras of Olympia Coaching and Tamsin Embleton, a psychotherapist from the Music Industry Therapist Collective." - Billboard Mag

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