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Sweetest Taboo present: Mental Health in Nightlife - Panel, Berlin.

Nov 22, 2019 publication descriptionNIGHT EMBASSY BERLIN

publication descriptionEvent description Where do we turn after the afterparty? For this panel, the Sweetest Taboo are opening the floor with a panel discussion to shed light on mental health issues existing in nightlife. Hosted by Kikelomo, it is also an opportunity to highlight the individuals, organisations, and initiatives that aim to change the conversation around mental health in club culture by creating a more inclusive and accessible space for all. The speakers come from a range of backgrounds: Aisha Mirza is a writer, DJ, dominatrix, and chornic depressive from London who created MISERY, a mental health hub and sober club night for QTIBPOC. Joining them is GIN, whose experience in the scene ranges from co-founding Resis’dance to working as the project director of Hackney Carnival’s first QTIPOC stage. Tristan Hunt from the Association For Electronic Music (AFEM) will also be on hand, as will Ghost, I, an acoustic musician and NIGHT EMBASSY alum. This event will be held in English, and is open to people of all identities, but we ask allies and guests who plan to join this event to be mindful of the purpose of this event, and be aware of any space they may be taking up.

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